What is a Flip Tarp?

 Jersey Tarps manufactures and installs our standard size Dump Truck Tarps on any Dump Truck or Flip Tarp Application. 


  A Flip Tarp opens and closes from Front To Back and can be operated manually by crank or automatically by motor. 


  Jersey Tarps can install our Tarp on Your Truck in less than 30 minutes in most cases. 

       Standard & Custom

 Almost all Dump Trucks utilize a 7' or 7'6" Wide roller bar that the tarp attaches to with hardware. 

 Jersey Tarps manufactures Standard size tarps and stocks them on our shelf so you don't have to!

 If your truck uses a custom size tarp, just give us a call and we will tell you exactly how to measure your truck to make sure the tarp we manufacture for you is a perfect fit!

 You can also bring your truck to our facility and have one of our professional crew members measure your truck so you don't have to!

        Fleet Outfitting 

 Jersey Tarps knows how important it is when maintaining a fleet to have less down time due to maintenance. 

Jersey Tarps takes pride in serving large fleets with our Top of the Line products and installations. 

If you have 1 Truck or 300 Trucks Jersey Tarps has you covered, Literally.


Jersey Tarps knows time means money and when it comes to Fleet Outfitting, Jersey Tarps wastes zero time getting your Truck back on the road!